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Custom. Classic. Cool.

Custom Corvette Set

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Pure Piston Power

V8 Hot Rod Vintage

'59 Cadillac Taillights

'61 Chrysler 300

Jake Shelton, the award-winning, original Hot Rod artist, specializes in stunning car sculptures and revved-up automobile art that has been purchased by serious collectors on six continents worldwide. Jake’s cutting edge work has been viewed by the masses, with his life-sized kinetic statue being featured in the blockbuster motion picture, Ironman 3. With a wide-open array of customers and commissioned one off pieces, Shelton has created everything from a Lamborghini bed to a Cadillac couch for Snoop Dogg (Lion), to an incredible ’63 Riviera living-room set for the drummer of the famed metal band GWAR.

Hot Rod Art and Car Furniture

The innovator in the car furniture field, Jake Shelton continues to make tracks with his slick designs and “one-off” creations.

Jake’s Online Chop Shop

COMING SOON! Speed off with Jake’s custom car furniture or artwork at the click of a button… visit the online store and order.

Originals from The Original

If you’ve got the vision…we’ll get the pieces…and put the pedal to the medal on a one of a kind piece just for you.